5 Home Improvements That Don’t Need Planning Permission

After spending years and years of living in your home, it is most likely that a few parts are broken and need renovation. Maybe the walls have cracks, roots have termites, furniture needs to be refurbished, and room improvements have become essential. Renovating homes is a common practice to relish the surroundings. Home renovation is a phenomenal opportunity for creating a comfortable space for yourself.

Whether you are building an entirely new structure or making amendments to an existing one, you will need to submit a proposed project to get approval or rejection from local authorities.

Following Are The Renovations You Can Do Without Planning Permission.

1) Planning Permission For A Conservatory

If you want to stick to strict regulations, then planning permissions are not needed for building a conservatory. However, the conservatory should not cover more than half of the land, and should not be higher than the roof. However, if the property has a single story, then ensure to make a conservatory below three meters.

2) Planning Permission For Patio.

If you want to have a patio around your house, there is no need to have planning permission for patio.

A Step-By-Step Guide Of Laying A Patio

  • Ensure that you have all the materials according to the size and shape of your patio. Don’t forget to calculate the number of stabs needed.
  • Once you’re confirmed about the shape and size of your patio, make use of pegs and mark a line.
  • Commence the digging process. The patio should always be set at a level where the house isn’t breached. It means it shouldn’t be set above the damp-proof. After doing this, ensure the soil is compacted sufficiently.
  • Spread a layer of hardcore substrate all over the area.
  • Start laying your patio by paving the slabs. After laying on the patio, tap every slab by using a rubber mallet. But ensure, they are at a similar level.
  • The patio is all ready to be used.

3) Planning Permission For A Kitchen Extension

The permitted development rules throughout the world have been relaxed, allowing you to build a kitchen extension without applying for planning permission.

Permitted Development Rules

– The materials must be similar to existing house materials.

– There should be no balconies or raised platforms

– They should not be taller than the existing house

4) Swimming Pool Planning Permission

Regulations do not usually apply to outbuildings. If the building is somewhere between fifteen to thirty square meters without any sleeping accommodation, then you could easily get away without any planning permission. Local authorities consider the specifications and requirements of projects as architectural designs need to be submitted.

5) Porch Planning Permission

When it comes to building a porch at your home, there is no need to apply for planning permission. However, you have to ensure that not even a single part of the porch is more than 2 meters from the boundary. However, if you take the front property of the door outside the porch, then the porch becomes part of the property. So, this is subject to building regulations and planning permissions.

Wrap Up

Renovating a property and room improvements help in enhancing the aesthetics of the entire house. No matter whatever reason you have to renovate your home, there is a plethora of changes you can make without any hassle of applying for planning permission. Many houses tend to have permitted development rights, but flats do not, so planning permission is required in this case. Some of the updates that come under permitted development include conservatories, porches, swimming pools, kitchen extensions, and patios.

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